Photos of their gorgeous twins with Down syndrome are used to promote the ‘benefits’ of the disease.

Twins Milo and Charlie McConnell are affected with Down syndrome. Not a duplication, but a triplication of chromosomes is what causes Down syndrome.

Developmental difficulties brought on by the genetic anomaly include drastically lower cognitive ability,

delayed cognitive development, a distinctive facial appearance, and other problems.Dan and Julie decided to be grateful for their children’s circumstances rather than lament them.

In an effort to demonstrate the ’benefits’ of the condition to the world, the couple frequently posts pictures of their gorgeous twins on social media.

These images depict the difficulties, rewards, and insider knowledge associated with parenting children who have Down syndrome.

Her intention is to reach out to families whose children have received a Down syndrome diagnosis because it can be extremely traumatic.

Julie said that she hopes people will come across these and realize that this is how life can be. It can be enjoyable,

loving, and unnerving. He hopes that everyone may see how happy they are and that they have no regrets.

It is obvious that they are creating a community for parents of children with Down syndrome a secure zone where they too can share their own experiences

and learn more about others even though some people may disagree with their actions or think that twins are beautiful in themselves.

They take a little longer to accomplish milestones, but when they do, they are as happy as any parent alive, according to Julie.

When they succeed, they celebrate and are extremely delighted for them.Their father said it’s critical to let everyone know they exist,

that there are several children in the neighborhood, and that they sincerely hope they’ll be noticed and remembered as their cities continue to advance.

It is a beautiful time to have a child with Down syndrome because they are standing on the shoulders of other parents who paved the path for everything.

He is eager to see them mature and fulfill their potential.These twins are stunning, don’t you think?

Since they are so adored, we have no doubt that they will take on any challenge and succeed in overcoming it!

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