It became known with whom the children of Shakira and Pike will stay after the divorce

This summer Gerard Pique and Shakira broke up after 12 years of relationship. The reason for their separation was the football player’s many betrayals.

The former spouses have two sons.This all stars solution to the child custody issue.Recently it became known that after parting.

It’s nice that Shakira and Gerard Pique were considered one of the most beautiful couples in Western show business. The stars met during the 2010 Football World and Time.

‘Barcelona’ defender Gerard Pique agreed that his ex-lover, Shakira, should move their shared children to the United States, but he put forward two conditions.

According to the Spanish sports magazine Marca, the athlete claims that the singer should give him 400,000 euros a year and pay for five first class flights from Spain to the United States and back during the year to see his sons Milan and Sasha.

Since Shakira lived in Catalonia only because of Pique, after breaking up with him, she decided to take her sons with her to the United States,

but the football player did not like it from the beginning. Due to his busy schedule, he cannot afford frequent flights to another country.

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