Jennifer Aniston paid a moving tribute to her father, who passed away at the age of 89.

According to his famous daughter Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram post on Monday, John Aniston passed away on Friday.

He was best known for playing Victor Kiriakis on ‘Days of Our Lives.’ He was 89.The ‘Friends’ actress said her father had ‘excellent timing’ on ‘11/11.’

Friday was Veterans Day. John Aniston was a member of the American Navy.She said, ‘That number will always have much more meaning to me now. ‘Until the end of time, I’ll cherish you.’ ‘Remember to stop by.’

When John Aniston was a little child, his family relocated to Pennsylvania from Crete, Greece, where he was born as Yannis Anastassakis.

Since 1970, he has been regularly on the NBC soap opera, initially as Eric Richards and subsequently, starting in 1985, as Kiriakis.

He was still portraying the character as of 2021. Aniston appears in nearly 2,000 episodes of ‘Days of Our Lives,’ according to IMBD.

During the Daytime Emmys in June, the illustrious actor was given the Lifetime Achievement Award for his 37-year portrayal of Kiriakis.

In a segment that was pre-recorded, Jennifer Aniston gave her father the award and praised him as ’a fantastic figure in the daytime television industry.’

According to the ‘Friends’ alum, ‘his devotion to that program for almost 30 years has gained him the respect and affection of his fellow actors,

close friendships, and delighted millions of fans worldwide.’ ’His professional life is a textbook illustration of lifetime achievement.’

In her December Allure cover story, Jennifer Aniston recently discussed how her parents’ divorce ‘really messed her up.’

The actress said, ’I forgive my mum,’ referring to her relationship with her mother that had previously been strained. I had pardoned my dad. My family has received a pardon.

‘That resentment and anger are unhealthy.’ My mother never let go, so I observed this. I can still hear myself saying, ‘She remembered, and I appreciate you showing me what was never to be.’

I explained what I meant when I said that we should honor the less pleasant events that occur in our life because of what they have taught us.

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