A 10-month-old baby meets his mother’s twin for the first time, and the reaction is amazing.

This baby is doing everything he can to identify his biological mother. I can only try to fathom the thoughts running through his young mind as he encounters a stranger who looks just like his mother.

This video of a 10-month-old baby’s first encounter with a ‘Stranger Visitor’ is both endearing and entertaining.

When he realized that her mother had a twin, he turned around and saw a woman with an identical face.

Good thing there’s a slight difference in hair color between the two sisters; the boy has handled things very nicely.

Felix, age 10, was born in Vilnius, Lithuania to Canadian soldier Dainius Sileika and Lithuanian mom Christine.

His mother’s identical twin sister, Stephanie, and her family traveled from Canada to spend time with him in his home.

The infant is meeting his aunt Stephanie for the first time, and she looks just like his mother. His father enjoyed the opportunity to record these priceless moments and share them with the world.

Just wait until you see him in action and you’ll adore him.

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