Secret Santa brings a gift to a daycare worker who walks to work every day.

Idaho is referred to as ‘the Gem State,’ and they most surely have one! A man going by the name of ‘Secret Santa’ is on a mission to give $1 million to deserving people in his neighborhood.

Additionally, he has asked the East Idaho News for assistance in completing his gift-giving assignments.

What a cool thing!Here, Nate Eaton visits a very special woman in the Rexburg daycare where she works.

Nate, however, first spends some time outlining Jaime’s selection as one of the Secret Santa recipients.

Jaime is very committed to her work as a teacher and providing for the kids in her care. She has been called ‘kind’ and ‘sweet.’

Tomorrow at complex Stonewood Jaime is a BYU-Idaho alumna with a fantastic singing voice. Jaime, however, has a lot of obstacles to overcome.

Due to health issues, Jaime is unable to drive. She therefore walks daily from her apartment to the Walmart shuttle in her neighborhood, rides the shuttle to work, and then does the opposite at night.

Even though the weather in Idaho can be really bad, Jaime continues to navigate the ice and snow.

In addition, Jaime has a partial hearing loss despite her passion of singing.After briefly introducing Jaime, Nate visits her place of employment to say hello and brighten her day.

It doesn’t take long to realize that Nate’s depiction of Jaime is unquestionably accurate. She does seem incredibly kind and compassionate.

Jaime receives three gifts from Nate, and each one seems to move her more. The first amount is $1,000, which she can use to purchase groceries and have them delivered to her house.

The second is a $1,000 PetSmart gift card. The main recipient of this present is Emmett, Jaime’s assistance dog and roommate.

That much dog chow is a lot! Even toys or goodies in Emmett’s stocking are possible! Jaime receives $1,000 in total to utilize with Uber’s riding service.

Can you just picture how much nicer Jaime’s winter in Rexburg will be this year?

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