Chuck Norris is heartbroken by the death of his ‘dear friend’ and co-star, Clarence Gilyard, who was only 66 years old. See what he said

While remembering his ‘close friend’ and ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ co-star Clarence Gilyard, Chuck Norris was visibly moved.

For the sake of his family, Clarence Gilyard abandoned his career.Clarence’s honesty regarding his driving force demonstrates how much his family means to him.

The actor Clarence Gilyard, who co-starred with Chuck Norris in the TV series ‘Walker, Texas Ranger,’ died on November 28th, 2022.

He worked for many years in Hollywood and then as a professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he lived for many years.

Actor’s costars from decades past are among those paying tribute to him after his death. The people who paid him honor were his students and colleagues.

At the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, he was hailed as a ‘beacon of light’ by his peers.

One of his coworkers remarked that whenever somebody inquired about his well-being, he would respond by saying, ‘I’m blessed.’

His coworkers all agreed that he would be sorely missed.Similarly, Gilyard previously took a three-year break from performing to devote his time to his family.

A priority for me is my wife and my family,’ he stated. I knew the marriage wouldn’t last if I didn’t put in the effort.

He had been through a divorce before and claimed that he had trouble maintaining relationships with his children from the previous marriage since he worked so frequently following the split.

His passing was reported by UNLV on November 28th, 2022. His academic affiliation was with the University of the Arts where he worked as an associate professor.

Their message reflected on his many admirers and how much he would be missed.Ways Chuck Norris Honored His ’Dear Friend’.

One of the many people paying respect to his co-star is Chuck Norris, who portrayed Ranger Cordell Walker on ‘Walker, Texas Ranger.’

Norris posted his thoughts on Instagram after hearing the news of Gilyard’s passing.

Because of the closeness he and Gilyard shared on set, his eulogy for Gilyard was heartfelt and intimate.

He stated he and Gilyard had been colleagues for about a decade and that he would miss Gilyard dearly.

Norris joked about how much fun it was to combat bad guys with Gilyard on the job, and he expressed his appreciation for working with Gilyard.

Speaking of Gilyard, he called him a ‘close friend’ and added that he was praying for Gilyard’s family.

He went on to express his sadness at Gilyard’s passing and his hope that his friend could finally find peace.

He ended the post with his own name, and it received many well-wishes from followers. His photo with Gilyard from the set of the show was posted online.

If you were Clarence Gilyard, how would you treat your kids?Religiously devout, Gilyard took his faith seriously.

He was so committed to the Christian faith that he made sure his spouse and offspring followed suit.

Gilyard, when asked about the significance of his faith, responded, ‘My objective is to get my wife and kids to paradise.’

On January 26, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, Clarence Gilyard Jr. and a guest attended the premiere of ‘Left Behind,’ a film adaptation of the New York Times best-selling novel.

He explained his strategy, stating he had urged his whole family to pray and meditate together every day.

Only one hour a week should be spent on religious activities, he requested of his children.
But he felt that an hour wasn’t nearly enough, and so he decided to take matters into his own hands to guarantee that his loved ones would be safe.

Gilyard said, ‘My job is to pray for them without ceasing,’ when asked how he made sure God would intervene on behalf of his children.

Though he worked as an artist and a professor on Earth, he never stopped praying for his family’s salvation and asked for help from loved ones both in life and in death.

Gilyard continued by recommending that all parents set aside some time each day to pray for their children and seek for the intercession of loved ones to make sure their souls are welcomed in paradise.

Every time a parent has a thought to pray for their child, he or she should do it.

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