Tom Cruise hadn’t seen his daughter in six years, and here’s why…

He was falsely accused of leaving his daughter by the media, and he filed a lawsuit to hold certain journalists accountable.

Tom Cruise’s adolescent daughter lives in New York City with her mother, so it is rare to see the two of them together.

Despite the allegations of a tumultuous connection between father and daughter, Suri, who just turned 16,

has a strong and loving relationship with her mother, who is her primary caregiver. Suri just turned sixteen.

Despite the fact that Tom and Holmes began dating in 2005 and went public with their romance while touring Italy together.

The wedding took place on November 18, 2006. She had similar romantic aspirations to other girls, and when she met Tom, her fantasies came true.

They announced their engagement the same day they began dating, two months after they first decided to get hitched.

They announced their engagement and their impending pregnancy at the same time.

Suri Cruise, the daughter of Tom and Holmes Cruise, will turn 16 in April 2022, and she is the subject of much discussion.

Some fans were startled when Holmes and Tom announced their split in 2012.

The years before their divorce, Tom was quite active in Suri’s life. He never believed that spoiling his kids by showing them too much love would be detrimental to their development.

The actor was aware that it was difficult to be overly affectionate with a child.

Tom wanted Suri and his adopted kids from his partnership with Nicole Kidman to have a strong bond. According to the actor’s own words:

I used to tell myself that I could always be relied upon by my children, that I would love them unconditionally, and that I would never make a promise to them that I couldn’t keep.

He cherished his bond with his daughter, and as they got to know one another more, she became excited to accompany him on his travels.

Three years after their divorce, the actor filed a lawsuit against two US publications, alleging that he had ’abandoned’ his daughter Suri and had not seen her for an incredible 801 days.

Samantha Domingo, a former Scientologist, claimed that Tom hadn’t seen Suri in six years since the actress wasn’t a devout follower of the religion, which caused a tough time for the couple.

Tom said throughout the custody dispute that he didn’t have to shield his daughter from his personal beliefs, despite the fact that they hadn’t spoken on the phone or seen each other in person in months.

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