At the grocery store, this adorable little child recognized a man who appeared to be Santa Claus, their interaction was wonderful.

Christmas will almost certainly arrive soon after Santa Claus starts making appearances in malls and other public places.

When a small girl from West Virginia saw a man at Walmart who looked exactly as Santa Claus would appear if he were to exist in real life, her heart could no longer handle the thrill and giddiness she was feeling.

When Sophie Jo Riley, age 3, discovered that the guy she had mistaken for Santa Claus actually was him, she was pleased and eager to tell her sisters about their Christmas hero.

In fact, when Sophie made her gesture, she wasn’t pointing towards a senior citizen dressed as Santa Claus.

Sophie, on the other hand, was talking about a client by the name of Mr. Roger Larck.Even though Sophie was thrilled to see and speak with ‘Santa,’ she was afraid to approach him.

As a result, Sophie was anxious about approaching her Christmas hero. Thankfully, Robert Riley, her father, inspired her to summon the confidence to visit ‘Santa.

‘Santa?’ Little Sophie slyly asked the inquiry. Mr. Roger Larck responded in a lighthearted manner, saying, ‘I’ve been called worse.’

Although he wasn’t wearing a Santa Claus outfit, he did have a large white beard and a bright red hoodie.

Mr. Roger decided to play Santa Claus for the young girl since he felt he had nothing to lose by doing so and wanted to give her a memorable Christmas experience.

When he came at her house that Christmas Eve evening, she was happy to welcome him and inform him that he could enjoy some cookies that were on the table.

When Mr. Roger asked if all the cookies were for him, little Sophie answered firmly that he is only allowed to eat one of them.

Sophie’s older sister, who was seeing the situation play out in front of her, was moved by what she saw and decided to record the touching exchange that occurred between her younger sister and Mr. Roger.

The Sophie family is grateful to Mr. Roger for spending the time to make their daughter Sophie giggle.

The deed may not have seemed like a big deal to some, but to the young girl, who was only three years old, it meant the world.

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