Community comes together in dramatic rescue of four horses who fell through the ice into a pond below.

Four horses were saved after being trapped for hours in the frigid weather by a group of neighbors, firefighters, and animal control officers.

After the four horses fell through the ice and became trapped up to their necks in Patrick Creek, Montana, the South Kalispell Fire Department was called to the site.

Amber Countryman posted a video showing the rescuers’ many unsuccessful attempts to free the horses, culminating in the deployment of a tractor to provide the necessary ‘horse power’ to free them.

Twelve people, including firemen, county animal control workers, and concerned citizens, collaborated to set the horses free.

They improvised pontoons out of shipping pallets and other pieces of wood in an early attempt to construct a ramp.

They tried to save one horse by pulling it out of the water with a long rope, being careful not to break any of the animal’s legs, but ultimately failed.

All four horses were successfully extracted using a tractor and a harness.

All of them were taken to a vet clinic and given medical attention.

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