Look at the wonderful way Johnny Depp supported the little boy undergoing double heart surgery. This video will touch your heart

Johnny Depp helped make a little fan’s dream come true by sending him a warm message and supporting him in his battle against an incurable heart disease.

The actor surprised 11-year-old YouTuber Corey with an emotional video message and phone call, posing as the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow. How long has it been since we’ve seen him in that form…

Depp even pretended to be on a pirate ship during the video message.

The fan has reportedly undergone two heart transplant surgeries and is in palliative care, but wants to get as many subscribers as possible on YouTube, which the actor helped him do.

The actor told him. ‘I wish you luck, I’m your number one fan, Captain Corey, with all due respect and love.’

‘Captain Corey… I understand you’re a true YouTuber… And so what I’m trying to say is that I’d like to subscribe to your channel and I’ll tell all my friends to do the same,’ the actor said.

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