A young skater onto the ice, waves to her mother, and then does the cutest performance ever.

Many children wear their first pair of skates when they are quite young.

If a child learns to stand confidently on the ice at the age of three, they will be cruising the rink with enthusiasm by the age of four.

They will fall, but they will rise again. It’s also a lesson worth learning.Figure skating is obviously unique, and there may be a lot of strain involved.

However, similar to dancing and sports, it may be an excellent way to build discipline and a respect for hard work.

Although we do not know why Brynn Cartagena’s mother picked skating for her daughter, it is clear that she has gained great calmness in the short time she has been doing it.

A video of the 3-year-old youngster was uploaded to YouTube in 2014, and her adorable abilities have earned over 2.1 million views.

Valerie, the mother, writes in the caption that her daughter had only been skating for 8 weeks at that point.

To be honest, she’s already mastered more than any of us ever did. She can start and stop, cruise with total control, and even perform a few cute dance moves.

On the rink, she exudes charm, smiling and waving to bystanders as she skates around. She definitely possesses charisma.

She appears to be having a fantastic time. She can even wiggle herself backwards, which is difficult.

Several spectators couldn’t stop laughing during Brynn’s performance, which was performed to ‘The Muffin Man.’

‘I thought this was incredibly cute!” According to one commenter, ‘when it started, it put a huge smile on my face, then when the muffin man song played, I lost it, I died haha.’

Brynn’s performance at the 2014 Magnolia Open Skating Competition earned her first place, beating out the other five competitors in her age division.

She didn’t realize it at the time, but when she skated towards her mother at the end of her performance, she was clearly having a good time.

People were still applauding and cheering her on in the comments section years later.

Watch her first performance, which she gave when she was just three years old, below.

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