The ’Dirty Dancing’ routine that Bindi Irwin performed in honor of Patrick Swayze was quite remarkable.

The ‘Dirty Dancing” routine by Bindi Irwin is a remarkable ode to Patrick Swayze.On ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ Bindi Irwin performed a ‘Dirty Dancing’ dance.

Did you know that Bindi Irwin, who is well-known for being the Crocodile Hunter’s daughter, is also a gifted dancer?

With this beautiful Dirty Dancing homage to Patrick Swayze, she astounded her audience.She performed this dance in a partnership with Derek Hough.

The crowd went crazy when the legendary song began to play! Recently, the movie was remade for television.

It didn’t sit well with Dirty Dancing’s diehard followers. They admired Bindi’s performance, nevertheless.

She dominated the 2015 Dancing with the Stars season thanks in large part to this and many other performances.

See them practicing for their performance in the video below. Do you recall the lake scene? The lift appeared insurmountable.

Jennifer Grey suddenly appears! Bindi is obviously star smitten. The pressure is on with one of the stars from the old movie there!

Bindi and Derek may be seen attempting and failing repeatedly. These two, however, have it covered. They spent a lot of time getting ready for that time, and it paid off.

Bindi is adequately attired. Her outfit is remarkably similar to the one worn by Jennifer Grey in the film.

Even her hair is styled in a distinctly 1980s manner.You can see their delight in the video. These two are unmistakably movie buffs.The show gets going. The crowd joins in the song’s clapping as they dance together.

As they flawlessly execute each and every motion, the pair can feel their encouragement. In the end, the audience was astounded.

The pair should be pleased with their hard work.
I’m sure Patrick Swayze would be pleased if he were there to see it.

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