She was not able to see the Jonas Brothers in concert since she was undergoing chemotherapy. You will be moved and amazed by what the Brothers did.

Lily Jordan, at 16 years old, planned to see the Jonas Brothers in concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

She wanted to go to the concert, but she needed to get emergency chemotherapy for her illness.

Since Lily can’t attend the Jonas Brothers concert, she joked that they should pay a visit to her at the Penn State Children’s Hospital.

The Instagram photo of herself was captioned, ‘Tomorrow I was planning on attending your show in Hershey,

but unfortunately I have to have chemotherapy across the street.The door to my room is always open, so if you want to stop by, here’s the number to dial.

Her 3,489 dedicated followers actually did something right away. They started passing along the message to their pals and tagging the Jonas Brothers in it.

Lily’s plea went viral on the internet not long after that.At long last, the Jonas Brothers have realized the significance of these people’s efforts and the power of social media.

The band members stopped by the hospital where Lily was receiving cancer treatment for a quick visit before their show to show their support.

Priyanka Chopra, Nick’s wife, joined them on their trip.As Joe put it, ‘We saw your messages and we had no choice but to come over.’

Kevin thanks Lily for inviting them to see them in the hospital in a video posted on the facility’s Facebook page. He claimed that all he saw on his feed were requests for him to visit her.

After some small talk, Nick asked Lily if she had a favorite song so that they could play it multiple times as a dedication to her throughout the show. She went with their 2007 smash hit ’S.O.S.’

Despite not being able to make it to the concert, Lily still had the best time of her life thanks to meeting the Jonas Brothers. The band members also took a selfie and signed autographs for their young fan.

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