The legendary Andrea Bocelli and the beautiful Reba McEntire deliver a stunning rendition of ‘Blue Christmas.’

Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli has a long list of hits under his belt, including ‘The Prayer’ and ‘Because We Believe.’

The name Reba McEntire is synonymous with country music. These two strong voices make an unstoppable duo when they perform together.

Just listen as they flawlessly perform the song’s words.

Elvis Presley made ‘Blue Christmas” well-known in 1964. Numerous singers contributed to the song’s success on a global scale by giving it their own unique spin.

Nearly every Christmas, you can almost always count on hearing this traditional country song at least once. And you won’t want to miss this special performance.

Before the song, Andrea admitted to the crowd that he grew up as a huge Elvis lover. In fact, because so many of his pals preferred Elvis over him, he felt a little envious of the famed rocker.

He promised to perform an Elvis song on stage one day, and in 2009 at the Kodiak Theatre, his desire came true. What a wonderful rendition of this well-known Christmas song!

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