When this elephant spotted man playing the piano, he surprised everyone by doing this. WOW!

Elephants are majestic animals. They are reputed to be quite bright, and others claim they have extraordinary memories.It has long been known that music has a unique impact on both humans and animals.

It was so lovely to see Peter the elephant join Paul Barton when he began playing some jovial music in the elephant kraal as a guest pianist!

Peter has not received formal piano instruction, according to Paul’s description. This video captures Peter’s impromptu response to a piano during a quick interaction.

No one was anticipating this, I’m sure! What a large curious guy! It’s hilarious to see Peter and Paul do this duet!

It is quite amazing to see an elephant join in on the fun in a playful manner of his own free will.
Paul and Peter. That sounds like old news. Yes, Peter, Paul, and Mary was a well-known American folk band from the 1960s.

I wonder if this Peter and Paul team will become well-known in the future. Oh wait, they already are thanks to YouTube! And I believe they possess equal skill!

Even after Peter places his trunk in the center of the piano, Paul simply continues to play ‘12 Bar Blues.’

Watching the elephant bob his head up and down during a certain section of the song just makes me smile.

The smaller elephant close, who is dancing along to the music and is standing there, is equally amusing. As Paul plays the piano, we can clearly see her bottom moving.

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