The pictures of the 14-year-old girl are sold for millions of dollars. What is the secret?

The 14-year-old girl from Wales, picking up an art brush for the first time during self-isolation, found that painting is a very fun activity.

Over the past two years, the girl has perfected her skills and now thousands of dollars are being offered for her paintings.

It’s about a unique young artist, Mackenzie Byrd, whose fleeting hobby led to unexpected results.

Mackenzie led a fairly active lifestyle: she traveled a lot, played sports and went hiking. In general, she is not one of those who like to sit at home doing nothing.

However, one day everything changed.After the declaration of the epidemic, the girl was locked up in four walls.

Being an active and brave person, she decided to use her position as an opportunity to try something new.

Both her parents and the girl herself were surprised by the speed of development of her skills.

With each new portrait, the detail and quality of the pictures got better and better. The young lady decided to share her work on the Internet.

And she did the right thing.Mackenzie’s portrait of her neighbor, farmer John Tucker, soon went viral on social media.

Art connoisseurs from different parts of the world became interested in Miss Byrd’s work. According to representatives of the Blackwater Gallery in Cardiff,

three paintings of the girl have already been sold, and one of them brought Mackenzie about 14 thousand dollars.

But she is not ready to sell her last portrait, which depicts the young artist’s grandfather, for any amount.She is very dear to him.

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