Following her recent hospitalization, Jack Osbourne provides the world with an update on Sharon Osbourne’s health.

As her rock star husband, Ozzy Osbourne, fights off Parkinson’s disease, Sharon Osbourne is doing everything she can to support him.

Worrying reports concerning Sharon’s health also surfaced last week.

NBC News reported that the Santa Paula Police Department said the TV star died on Friday due to ‘an undisclosed medical incident.’

It’s understandable that Sharon Osbourne’s hospitalization would cause concern. At first, details were sketchy,

and considering Sharon’s health history at age 70, many naturally worried that the worst had happened.

Sharon Osbourne, a television celebrity and the spouse of the artist Ozzy Osbourne, revealed in 2002 that she had colon cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes and had severely affected her health.

But eventually her son made the choice to speak up.By writing about his mother’s health on his Instagram story, Jack Osbourne calmed the public. Jack wrote on his Instagram story:

Okay, I’ll say this: first things first. MY MOTHER WASN’T STARRING IN A GHOST ADVENTURES SEASON He began his message, ‘She was filming a new episode of Night Terror with me hahaha.

‘Now that we have established that… Her medical staff has given her the all-clear, and she is currently at home.

Jack, 37, said he would wait and let his mother explain the circumstances behind her initial hospitalization.

In particular, he added:

’I want to express my gratitude to everyone who sent their love and support. I’ll leave it up to my mother to tell the details of what happened to her when she’s ready.’

The 70-year-old was taken to Santa Paula Hospital after EMTs responded to a report at the hotel for some sort of ‘medical issue’ around 6:30 that evening,

according to the chief of Santa Paula police Don Aguilar and captain of the Ventura County fire department, Brian McGrath.

Sharon herself provided an update to her followers three days ago.‘Back home and doing fantastic!’ she said beside a picture of her husky standing in front of a Christmas tree.

I appreciate all of your love.

Her ‘Prince of Darkness’ husband has also had a difficult few of years in terms of his health. He experienced a ‘serious tumble’ following a performance on New Year’s Eve in 2019, which necessitated surgery.

Soon after, he was hospitalized for an upper respiratory infection and eventually received a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

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