Incredible story! This stork returns every year to his lover who cannot fly. Video

Every spring, the residents of the small village of Brodsk in Croatia look forward to March 25th.

That’s when another miracle happens: the stork Klepetan returns from warm countries to his beloved Male.And so for 16 years.

Once, 22 years ago, Maleni was injured by a hunter from Italy.Local residents helped the bird, made it healthy, but it was never able to fly.

Stepan Fokich, the guard of the local school, took the bird home.

He has made a separate place for Mullen in the barn, he takes him fishing with him, and he also takes him home in the winter so that he doesn’t get cold.

Then the man made a nest on the roof so that Malena felt complete. And once another stork appeared in the nest, which was called Klepetan.

And Malena took out an egg and brought out her first cubs. After that, the faithful stork returns to his beloved wife every year.

To make it easy for the storks, the man takes fish to their nest every day, and the men of the village give the storks a share of the fishing, it is already a tradition.

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