A man who had been searching for his lost pups breaks down in tears during a dog adoption picture. See what he noticed…

All of us experience times in our life when something unusual occurs and it seems as though the cosmos has directed us to a specific location for a specific reason.

Some events don’t seem to fulfill the notion of ‘coincidence’ in some cases. There were simply too many unpredictable circumstances, possibilities that were almost lost, and chances that were not taken.

A Miami man may have believed that someone in a higher position was looking out for him. Fortunately.

A Miami resident who had recently gone through the traumatic experience of having both of his dogs stolen from him was in the right location at the right moment when he observed this.

Both of them leaped the fence and fled the backyard in the opposite way. Huskies are quite swift, as anyone who is familiar with them is likely aware.

They climbed over the barrier and immediately started to look around.In any event, it is imperative to start the search right away.In an effort to connect with his closest pals, he was out and about distributing flyers.

He received a tip and decided to investigate the neighborhood animal shelter.The camera was set to film an essential scene when he arrived, and it did it successfully!

Only a few days after Sandy had to say goodbye to his animals, a picture shoot for Ocean Drive Magazine was happening at a nearby shelter.

This event’s goal was to raise awareness of the local stray and rescue animals in the hopes that someone would adopt one of them.

In an effort to help the dogs find new homes, photographers were brought in to shoot images of the animals and give them some publicity.

They made the executive decision to capture a beautiful husky duo that had just been discovered while everyone was outside enjoying the fresh air.

The Huskies’ breathtakingly azure eyes made them ideal candidates for a publication’s cover or the top spot on a website.

The photographer began taking pictures of the incident as a helper held the dogs. The dogs appeared to be content to be in their own little universe, doing nothing more than relaxing and taking in the scenery.

Sandy received a tip and timed his arrival precisely, arriving at the shelter just as his puppies were being led down the entranceway.

’Those are my dogs,’ he loudly announces to everyone. Sandy then makes a hasty retreat to find his lost puppies.

When he eventually came up to them, all he did was give them a bear hug.The happy gathering happened while the camera was rolling.

The team members and employees at the pet adoption center felt relieved and reassured to see the man back with his animals.

Although the tale has a very happy conclusion, Sandy has made the decision that he will never again risk his dogs becoming lost.

In order for them to identify him as their owner, he has stated that he plans to have them microchipped as soon as feasible.

When Ragnar and Cloud were reunited with their father, they reacted with complete joy. It appears that fate and the universe played a role in reuniting Sandy with his two cherished dogs.

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