A 10 year old dance talent captivates the audience with stunning choreography.Look what an incredible gift-prize she got!

Gemini Ema Stoian is a dancer who is trained in ballet, modern dance, and contemporary dance. She was born in Romania in June of 2008.

Stoian began his dance training at the age of three and won the gold medal for rhythmic gymnastics at the Romania World cup when he was just six years old.

Stoian spent his childhood in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, and began his training there. This was the beginning of her dancing career, which is currently very successful.

Stoian entered ‘Romania’s Got Talent,’ a televised talent contest that is Romania’s version of the internationally famous ‘Got Talent’franchise, in the year 2019, when he was ten years old.

Her audition was the one that stunned the audience with a mesmerizing, flowing, and faultless dance routine that she did to the tune of Sia’s ‘Unstoppable.’

Her strength and dedication were plainly visible throughout the entirety of the two-and-a-half minute performance.

This was evident not only in her dancing but also in the constantly shifting and exaggerated facial expressions that she wore the entire time.

Stoian was awarded a golden buzzer, which propelled her into the live shows, since the judges,

just like the viewers at home, were obviously blown away by the level of talent exhibited by such a young artist.

The video of Stoian’s audition is still available online and has received more than 1.3 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded there. Stoian went on to become a finalist in the competition.

Stoian competed in the Dance World Cup, which was held in Barcelona in the same year that Romanian’s Got Talent took first place.

Stoian won the competition.As a result of her performance on the show, Stoian was recruited by multiple dance schools.

She regularly updates her social media accounts with information about the scholarships she has received from the Basel Ballet Academy, Annarella Sanchez, and the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

Stoian is also a regular participant in the summer camp that is hosted by the Dance Planet Dance Academy.

Stoian’s career is clearly going from strength to strength, and she remains a formidable opponent in many of the tournaments that she enters.

Stoian’s most recent competition was the ‘Dance Campus & Contest,’ in which she not only won first place in multiple junior professional categories,

but also received the special prize award for best dancer. These categories include solo classical ballet, solo modern, and the solo open.

As part of the prizes, Stoian was awarded a number of scholarships to dance schools and programs all around Europe. These awards are certain to assist in the company’s continued and exciting expansion.

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