Christmas is celebrated with heart. This video of a homeless person touched people all over the world

We live at a time when the celebration of holidays depends greatly on our financial capabilities, and Christmas is no exception.

We spend a lot of time looking for ideal Christmas gifts, prepare many delicious dishes for a rich Christmas table and try to find unusual Christmas decorations to create a festive atmosphere in the house.

We are so busy with our lives that we forget about people who don’t have a home in which to celebrate Christmas with relatives and friends. But, to be honest, don’t these people need warmth, love and humanity the most?

This question was asked by the musical group ‘Gentri’ in its video, which was viewed almost 2.5 million times on YouTube.

Their touching video made people around the world think about the fact that it is necessary to show kindness and compassion at least at Christmas.The video shows a family that met a homeless man at the store.

This meeting made a strong impression on the father of the family, who was literally imprinted with the image of a person freezing in the cold.

In the end, the father did the right thing… and helped the homeless man.I will not tell you anything else, except that this video reveals to us the meaning of Christmas.Warmth, unity and humanity!

And that’s not all… the beautiful voices of the three tenors of the ‘Gentri’ group, performing the Christmas hit ’O Holy Night’ on a video with deep meaning, made my heart tremble.

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