She bought a rusty trailer for 1000 dollars, which has now turned into a charming little house. See inside

When Mandy Gubler returned home with an old rusty trailer from 1973, her husband was simply discouraged by his wife’s unexpected behavior.

Mandy found a trailer on the classifieds site ’Craigslist’ and bought it for 1000 US dollars.
Her husband, Kurt, scratched the back of his head and asked. ‘So why did you do this?’

Mandy planned to repair the trailer and turn it into a private residence where you can hide from the daily hustle and bustle.

I must admit that what she has achieved deserves the greatest praise and loud cheers!

No one even guessed why Mandy bought a ‘Bell-trailer’ in 1973, which she called ‘Nuggets’. But Mandy herself knew perfectly well how to use the old trailer.

After 4 months, her project was completed, leaving those who saw the final result speechless.

When Mandy bought the trailer, it was in very bad condition, and probably that’s why it cost only 1000 dollars.

The panels of the trailer were rusted, there were holes in the walls, and the interior remained unchanged since the 70s.

Mandy decided to get rid of everything that was inside the trailer. However, her plan was not only to replace the upholstery on the old seats.

Old rusty panels were also decided to be removed from the trailer.

And now, the first thing that catches your eye when you approach the restored trailer is the incredible work that Mandy did to transform its exterior.

Agree, very stylish solution!But wait until you look inside…

The trailer’s bunk beds and cabinets were removed to free up as much space as possible and not overload it.

Mandy replaced them with small potted plants and miniature wooden shelves that decorate the area above brand new and much more comfortable pink sofas.

Dark wooden panels were replaced by light, lighter ones, including a pleasant to the eye yellow wall.This helps to focus attention on other details, for example, a new wooden door.

To compensate for the shelves, which Mandy decided to abandon, a pantry was made in place of the bathroom.

But the new wooden floor, which covers the old green linoleum, looks best!Very beautiful, isn’t it?

I can’t believe that it took them only four months to transform this old trailer into a cozy nest.Excellent work!

Now Mandy has her own dream trailer.Now nobody asks Mandi.’Why did you buy it?’ Instead, they ask her. ‘How did you make this?’

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