Tenant of 23 years stunned when landlord presents her with the home. Details of this amazing story below

It’s common knowledge that landlords frequently want extra money from their renters. John Perret, though, was unique.Despite being a multi-millionaire, Perret was the epitome of generosity.

Before he passed away, he accomplished something incredibly heroic that stunned Jane Sayner, his tenant. In Melbourne, Australia, Jane began looking for a rental home about 23 years ago.

In Melbourne’s St. Albans neighborhood, she discovered a two-bedroom home that was ideal for her. Jane, who is 74 years old, worked at Epping before she retired.

She stayed at the Perret residence for the most of her 23 years as a pleased renter, paying her rent in cash.

She also altered the way Perret’s garden looked. She cared for the house and the property as if it were her own.

She was unaware of Perret’s multimillionaire status. He was the lone child and never got married.

As a neighborhood pharmacist, Perret used to put in a lot of overtime. He did, however, spend his entire life dedicating himself to communal services.

Last but not least, he liquidated his pharmacy and bought shares with the money.

Jane praised Perret as a fantastic tenant. He would deal with any issues Jane had at home and routinely maintain the heater to make sure it was in top working order.

Perret once contacted Jane and requested that she speak with his attorney. He planned to leave the property to Jane, thus he needed Jane to submit her entire name to the solicitor.

Given that he had Parkinson’s disease, Perret had relocated to a nursing facility.Jane’s ears surprised her. Sadly, in September 2020, John passed away at the age of 86.

Additionally, Perret gave $19.6 million to the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s nephrology division. He was appreciative of the doctor’s assistance because he got a kidney transplant at the hospital.

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