Richard Gere met true love at almost 70 and willingly shares the secret to happiness

Richard Gere is 72 years old.He brings up a small son, loves his wife, professes Buddhism, acts in films. So it’s all just beginning.

When you look at the happy faces of 72-year-old American actor Richard Gere and his 35-year-old lover you realize that this couple is special. They are simply made for each other.

Money does not bring happiness.The proof of this is the many unsuccessful romances and marriages of Hollywood stars.

True happiness can only be given by the person whom you love so much that you suffocate from admiration.

The story of the famous actor Richard Gere confirms this vital truth. Journalist Alejandra Silva was such a special woman for him.They got married and love each other like the first day they met.

And if for the whole world Richard Gere is a famous sex symbol and heartthrob, then for him Alexandra is the only woman who changed his life and gave happiness to know true Love.

Richard Gere isn’t shy about talking about his happiness, it just overwhelms him.At the 2019 Golden Globe Awards, he took the stage and said just three words. He turned to his wife: ’I love you.’

How did this whirlwind romance begin?

Their acquaintance was more than prosaic. As Richard Gere said in an interview. ‘Everything started very simple. We were introduced by a mutual friend.’

Alejandra told me. ‘Hello.’ And it’s like the world has collapsed. We looked at each other and in the first second we understood that we will be together forever.

I have never experienced such attraction in my life. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other. We looked and looked into each other’s eyes all night long … ‘.

‘I admit, I’ve had all kinds of love stories. Most often, they started very hard, we had to overcome many difficulties and trials together,” recalls Alejandra.

It seems that all this should have brought them closer, but it turned out exactly the opposite. We broke up and it wasn’t always easy…

Therefore, when I met Richard and things started to develop at a furious pace… To be honest, I had some doubts at first.

I hesitated. But here he is, not at all. Richard was 100% sure that it was fate.Later I realized that we both felt at first sight that we were going to be together.’

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva soon got married. It happened in the actor’s Indian ranch in April last year.

The wedding was very modest and in Buddhist tradition. ‘Since then, we’ve only grown to love each other more,’ says Alejandra.

The couple dreamed of a child. Richard Gere even turned down two very interesting offers to appear in films in order to be with his wife while expecting a child.

The couple spent a lot of time together and even went to visit the Dalai Lama. The future mother published a photo on social networks in which her spiritual guru blesses her.

Richard Gere was 69 and his wife 35 when their son was born in New York.The child became the second child for both spouses.

Gere has an 18-year-old son Homer with actress and model Carey Lowell, while Silva is raising six-year-old son Albert with American tycoon Robert Fredland.

How do they manage to keep the fire of love burning?

Spouses willingly share the secret of their happiness.The key is to do something every day that will make your partner feel truly lucky. For example, every day Richard assures his wife how much she means to him.

‘Every morning he asks me: ‘What would make you happy today?’ says Alejandra. Well, after these words, how not to feel in a fairy tale?

And this is not all every day my husband composes a song for me. This is incredible.’

Richard says that there is no power in the world that will make him exchange his happiness for something else;

‘How can I not be happy next to such a woman? I am married to the most beautiful, charming, intelligent, sensitive, cheerful, patient, forgiving woman.

He will never pass by someone else’s misfortune. Always ready to help and support. And what delicious salads she makes.

I have never tasted anything more delicious in the most expensive restaurants in the world.’The birth of a son brought the couple even closer. Now they have three children for two, including those born from previous marriages.

Richard Gere admits that the most incredible feeling is knowing the joy of fatherhood next to the person who is really close to you.

On August 31, 2019, Richard Gere turned 70 years old. He is raising a small son, adores his beautiful and intelligent wife, professes Buddhism, appears in films.So it’s all just beginning.

Everyone who looks at Richard Gere and his wife says that they seem to live in their own beautiful world.

Friends and relatives who see them every day agree that the couple has changed a lot, they have become the best version of themselves.

They have grown spiritually and their love only grows stronger and brings more joy and happiness.

And the secret of such love is very simple. Small but everyday gestures that will remind your lover or loved one that they are the most precious people in the whole world.

And even if you don’t know how to write songs, you can buy a beautiful bouquet and present it to your wife at dawn.

Or any other way to remind yourself every day how much this person means in your life. It’s the little things like that that create happiness.

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