Robin Williams grieved every night and refused to share his wife’s bed in the days after his diagnosis. but only after his death it was revealed that… Details about this heartbreaking story below

Robin Williams was one of the greatest comedians of his generation, a man of rapid wit, unforgettable one-liners, and a compassionate heart.

The world lost one of its brightest stars when he died in 2015. Williams was more than simply a professional comedian;

he was a legend to millions, and the circumstances surrounding his death startled everyone who had ever considered themselves a fan.

The truth was that the actor, who was 63 at the time of his death, was battling demons behind his cheerful exterior.

Much has been said about the possible reasons for his choice to end her life but it appears that his deteriorating mental health had a significant role.

According to new sources, Williams’ final days were excruciating and chaotic, and his wife, Susan Schneider, described them as ‘living a nightmare’…

Robin Williams was a beacon of uncontrolled happiness for millions of people. It’s difficult to imagine the actor ever being sad,with his larger-than-life roles, exuberant on-screen performances, and jumpy, joyful manner.

Williams had previously fought battles his life in the spotlight had been impacted by drunkenness and adultery

but it wasn’t until he was given a terrible diagnosis that the bleakness of his condition simply became too much.

Williams could have been forgiven for assuming that after married third wife Susan Schneider, whom he met at an Apple store in 2007, the most scandalous portions of his life were behind him.

The actor and Schneider married in a ceremony in which they created their own vows, and the couple moved in together with her two children.

However, only two years into their marriage, Williams began to experience concerning symptoms such as stomach pains and shaking nerve endings.

According to Schneider, Williams’ problems caused paranoia and episodes of insomnia. It got so severe that the actor told his close family members that he thought he was going to die.

Williams was then diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease by specialists in 2014.

Williams and his wife were instructed to sleep in separate bedrooms as his illness worsened, while Williams himself struggled with reality so much that he even asked Schneider if they were still together.

Schneider described her late husband’s symptoms as ‘satellite troubles,’ saying he was continuously plagued with paranoia, anxiety, and moderate despair.

Schneider ultimately decided that Williams should be sent to a neuropsychological institution for more testing.

The actor consented, but he was found dead in a bedroom one week before his appointment.

The worst tragedy of all occurred after Williams died, when doctors discovered that he had been misdiagnosed. He did not have Parkison’s disease, but was most likely suffering from Lewy Body Dementia.

Schneider said her late husband was severely impacted by his health and would openly cry near the end. She compared Lew Body Dementia to brain chemical warfare.

She went on to say that she didn’t believe Williams was suicidal and that he hadn’t shown any signs of it.

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