This twins was born a year apart! How is that possible? Find out more here.

Fraternal twins in North Texas will commemorate their birthdays differently because they were born on different days and in different years.

The fact that Kali Jo Scott and Cliff Scott’s children were born only a few minutes apart was reportedly a major accomplishment for both of them at the time of their deliveries,

according to reports from Fox station KDFW. The couple welcomed Annie Jo into the world at 11:55 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, making her the final infant to be delivered there in 2018.

Only a few minutes later, at 12:01 a.m., their daughter Effie Rose was born, becoming the first baby born at that particular hospital in the year 2023.

She came into the world as soon as the clock struck midnight.I truly enjoy it, the new mum told the tabloid. Overall, I think it’s a lot of fun and quite funny.

Despite the fact that Annie and Effie ended up arriving approximately a week and a half sooner than anticipated, she added that ‘things went very nicely.’

Both of the mother’s kids ‘came out healthy and joyous and weighing 5.5 pounds,’ the mother wrote in a social media post.She announced, “Cliff and I are thrilled to present Annie Jo and Effie Rose Scott!

The comment she added to a collection of cute pictures of her family said, ’We are just so excited for this trip!’

The couple and their newborn children also received a letter of congratulations from Texas Health Systems.

They said, ‘Congratulations to the happy family and our new babies!’ in their letter to the happy family and our newborns.

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