This Toddler’s Reaction to Watching Football Is Too Cute

Football is a well-liked sport. Many people like seeing two teams compete on the gridiron, whether in high school,

college, or the professional ranks with the NFL. However, not everyone enjoys the game, including one cute little girl.

The popular YouTube video depicts a young girl expressing her clear fear and disgust after learning that football will be broadcast on her family’s television.

The small child, who looks to have just finished eating because food adorns her face, sits at a table while her mother delivers the bad news.

’Can you guess what day it is?’ mom asks.The toddler, who appears to comprehend the situation, responds with a less-than-enthusiastic ’yes. ‘It’s Saturday,’ Mom continues. ‘Do you understand what that means?’

Looking directly into the camera, the toddler responds with a very disappointed ‘yes,’ with concern (and food) all over her face.

Mom then tells her adorable daughter that ‘we have to watch football.’As the video points out, the small child turns her head and stares at a TV to ‘confirm the terrible news.’

The child lets out an audible grumble while a commercial for an upcoming Indianapolis Colts game on NFL Network plays in the background.

While things do not appear to be going in her favor, the youngster refuses to accept her position and holds out hope that her mother’s pronouncement is incorrect.

‘Not today,’the child declares.‘It isn’t?’ her mother responds.‘No. ‘I’d like to keep an eye on mine,’ the girl responds.

The small girl tells her mother that she would prefer watch another program, to which her mother enthusiastically agrees.

I understand the child’s situation. This season has been tremendously painful and tough for all of us to watch the Indianapolis Colts.

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