In A Beautiful Moment Of Musical Harmony, Paul McCartney Motivates The Audience To Sing ’Hey Jude’

Thousands Join Paul McCartney in Singing ‘Hey Jude’ You’ll adore the video below if you enjoy seeing how music can bring people together.

On 5/4/2016, during a Paul McCartney performance at the Target Center, everyone was belting out ‘Hey Jude.’ The other Beatles would have been thrilled to witness this wonderful scenario.

According to Sir James Paul McCartney CH MBE, one of the reasons he enjoys performing ‘Hey Jude’ at his concerts is the increased audience participation it fosters.

He claimed that the song had a place in his concerts because of this and that he had other songs to pick from—192 songs were charting at the time, 22 of which peaked at number one.

The Beatles released Hey Jude in 1968, and more than 50 years later, it continues to make people happy as they watch a Paul McCartney concert.

In the video below below, Sir Paul gives a fascinating demonstration befitting a Ted Talk to describe the ‘Mellotron,’ an intriguing and little-known instrument.

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