How does an adoptive mother of 10 children, three of whom have Down syndrome, live?

Adoption is a very noble but also a difficult mission.Especially if you have a ‘sunny’ baby. The story of Muscovite Yulia Stavrova-Skripnik is truly unique.

Julia is raising ten children. Only two of them are biological. But according to the woman, she does not differentiate between ‘her’ and ‘not her’ children.They are all relatives.

Three of the adopted children were born with Down syndrome. As Yulia herself says, it’s really not easy with ‘sunny’ children.

Thus, Vova was an absolutely associative child. He roughly with others.Therefore, he was kept in a separate place in the orphanage.

After the adoption, Vova was able to learn half of the alphabet and began to communicate normally with others.

To educate her, Stavrova-Skripnik took many courses, talked to a large number of specialists.
Two more ‘Sunny’ children, Roman and Yesenia, accidentally entered Yulia’s life.

Stavrov-Skripnik was asked to act as an interviewer for Roma and Yesenia’s potential adoptive parents.

Yulia also talked with the children. She was so taken by their story that when the prospective parents turned her down, she decided to become their adoptive mother herself.

Julia has to work non-stop with the children 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But the Muscovite does not regret that she decided to become a mother of many children.

Stavrova-Skripnik’s husband is a reliable assistant in raising children. Spouses do everything possible so that the heirs have a bright future.

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