What this woman did to support her son who was born with a big mark on his face will amaze you.

Enzo is over a year old. When he was born, his mother, Carolina Giraldelli, was stunned.The child had a huge birthmark on his face.

Enzo was later found to have a congenital melanocytic nevus.It is harmless in itself and appears in the early stages of fetal development.

Everything was fine, but the fact that they looked at her child with pitiful eyes, some with disdain, and there were those who looked with disgust, depressed the woman a lot.

Karolina wanted to prove to everyone that her child is the same as everyone else, he is healthy and is not a threat to society.

The woman decided for herself. ‘From now on I have to become a completely different person who will be much stronger, fearless and brave. A man who is ready to face all the obstacles that my son will face in the future.’

In order to feel what her future child would be like, she painted the same birthmark on her face and stayed like that for the whole day.

This experience gave her many emotions, both positive and negative. But her greatest feeling at that moment was pride. She felt like ‘the proudest mother in the world.’

Karolina posted photos of them together on social media and was very surprised to receive many compliments and many words of support from complete strangers. The happy mother realized that she did everything right.

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