The woman told the members of the jury that she is not a person but a doll. It was laughable at first, but what happened next… Video

Sada Vidoo is unlike anyone or anything you’ve ever seen before. Currently, he is not working because he is a doll, he explains to the camera.

Everyday I get dolled up. And I wear different clothes and have different looks in different contexts.Sada is undeniably a vain and self-conscious individual.

Her doll-like makeup and jerky motions complement her short blonde hair and retro outfit.Yet, the judges can’t seem to put their finger on what it means.

Simon tries to persuade her, saying, ‘Sada, you’re not a doll,’ but she doesn’t budge.But as soon as she starts singing, the mood in Salamanca shifts dramatically.

Her rendition of the song is noticeably different from Pat Benatar’s original performance; it’s also full of doll-like eccentricities, but it’s a distinct and catchy tune nonetheless.

When they heard his voice, the judges looked at one other with astonishment on their faces. The judges are completely at a loss for words as she finishes performing.

The reviews, led by Simon, are quite polarized, but when it comes down to the wire, all four judges agree on a vote for Sada.

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