An 80-year-old woman’s unexpected performance on a street piano amazes crowd and the internet.

Physical and emotional pain can both be effectively treated by music.

A single song or performance has the power to instantly alter our entire mood.

This senior has gained fame for using her musical talent to inspire many total strangers.

Natalie, who has a strong affinity for music, was raised in Melbourne, Australia. She was able to get through the difficult years she went through thanks to her passion of this artistic medium.

In addition to the typical heartbreaks that everyone has throughout their lives, Natalie also had to deal with her husband’s separation from her.She lost both of her children, and she briefly experienced homelessness.

She just demonstrated to the world that having a difficult life or not having much money does not preclude one from becoming a skilled pianist. She’s wowing thousands at 80!

Matthew Trayling, Natalie’s son, recently posted a video of his mother online. In the video, Natalie plays a calm melody that quickly picks up complexity and tempo while she sits at a piano by the side of the road.

As vehicles pass by on the busy road behind her, Natalie slides her hands across the keys with elegance.

The audience can see that there was a sizable crowd watching her act the entire time when the video comes to a conclusion.

On YouTube, the video has now received over a million views. You can feel Natalie’s suffering and passion in the performance you can see here.

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