Two brothers found a dog in bad shape, what happened next would make you believe in miracles

It has been claimed that the point at which you finish is more important than the one at which you begin.

There was a young dog who did not get off to the best possible start in life, but because to the generosity of two well-known persons, the dog is now living in a home filled with love.

Luca and four other puppies, all of whom were only a few days old at the time, were left abandoned in a box next to the entrance of an animal rescue organization in Texas.

In a segment of the show titled ‘Property Brothers: Forever Home,’ Drew and Jonathan Scott were seen introducing Luca to the new, loving family she had found.

Drew and Johnathan remember experiencing a wide range of feelings as they assisted Luca in meeting her new family,

which consisted of Val, David, and their two children, and as they observed how the family interacted with the dog.

‘I will admit that I had a bit of a tear welling up in my eye, seeing the family react, and also hearing David’s story

about how they found Luca in a box, along with her siblings,’ Drew said. ‘It was just such a heartwarming moment.’

The two Scott brothers also discussed the optimal approach for adding a new member to your family that is furry and has four legs.

Johnathan was of the opinion that the best option would be to get a dog through a rescue organization or by adopting one.‘There are a lot of great dogs that are looking for a good home right now.

It means a great deal to all of us that we were able to make this a part of our presentation and that we were able to provide such a lovely dog to this family,’ Johnathan continued.

Even though most people adore those adorable, furry, four-legged critters, man’s best friend can be rough on a home’s flooring, as the Scott brothers will attest to.

They also gave some pointers on how to safeguard your home from the wear and tear that dogs can cause.

‘If you have puppies in a house, and we have remodeled many homes for puppies, you need durable materials,’ said Drew. ‘We have worked on many homes for puppies.’

’I know for me, I have two dogs and I adore Gracie and Stewie to death, but sometimes dogs can muck things up.

I know this because I have two dogs.’ According to Johnathan, ‘so you want to make sure that all of the materials are extremely sturdy, and that everything is going to be easy to clean.’

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