Boy walks nearly two thousand kilometers to hug his grandmother. Look at them when they finally meet

A father and his son, then 11 years old, trekked approximately 2,000 miles during the epidemic to reunite with the boy’s grandma.

The trip from Sicily to London to be with the person they love was not easy or uncomplicated, but they made it.

Romeo Cox, from Palermo, Italy, walked 1,700 miles with his father, Phil, who is 46. Phil led Romeo as he traveled through Sicily,

Switzerland, France, and finally London to be with Rosemary, their 77-year-old grandmother, and give her a heartfelt hug.

Romeo and Phil traveled approximately 2,000 miles in 93 days to complete their journey.

To get to London, the father and son team crossed rivers and mountains.It was by no means an easy trek.They crossed mountains on foot and even managed to repel a pack of wild dogs in their path.

Romeo eventually went on a tamed wild donkey as he pursued his objective of returning home to give his Nana a special love embrace.

The youngster and his father will never forget that extraordinary voyage.

After a long day of walking, the two also had to take a boat and find a place to sleep. Romeo and Phil carried their belongings while walking nonstop and only stopping to sleep.

The globe served as their bedroom as they slept, whether it was at hostels along the journey, churches, or while stargazing at night.

The two finally arrived in London after three exhausting months spent moving from one nation to another. After leaving Italy in June, Romeo and Phil arrived in Trafalgar Square in September.

It was a voyage full of incredible experiences and many times were they connected and deepened their relationship as father and son.

After the young man arrived in London, he had to spend some time by himself before receiving the warm embrace he so much desired.

Romeo eagerly waited for his beloved grandma to appear, and when she did, he was given the well-earned bear embrace that only his Nana can provide.

Romeo related how, despite being lost along the way, they never gave up.

Only the excitement of getting closer to his target could be imagined by the small lad.

‘A couple occasions, we got lost. We had wounded feet from sleeping next to a wasp nest, which was a bad decision, but we never considered giving up, Romeo recounted.

‘As we drew nearer, all I could think about was seeing my Granny and how eager I was to see her. It’s been more than a year since I last saw her, so I can’t wait to hug her.

The lockdown left her alone. The world’s best street is where I was raised. Road to Southborough! For me, it is always home, and my neighbors are like extended family.

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