Richard Gere surprised his father on his 100th birthday with an unusual and heartwarming gift.

Richard Gere, the star of ‘Pretty Woman,’ may be one of Hollywood’s most famous performers, but he is a humble man.

The actor was raised in a large family on a farm in Syracuse, New York.His mother, Doris Gere, was born and raised in Brooklyn, where she also first met Homer Gere.

The childhood sweethearts got married and moved to North Syracuse to start a family in 1945. They had five kids in total.

Richard, Susan, Joanne, David, and Laura made their family large, but the couple reared them well and instilled enduring values in them.

In addition, despite having limited resources, Doris, a stay-at-home mom, and Homer, an insurance salesman, made an effort to provide their kids the best education they could.

Because they provided him with the resources he needed to foster his creativity, Richard views his parents as genuine superheroes.

The “Unfaithful” actor claims that his parents supported them and hired tutors to assist them hone their skills. The man admitted:

The amount of work we had to put in to get an education and music teachers was remarkable because we weren’t raised with a lot of money.

Despite not having a perfect upbringing, Richard appreciates his parents’ efforts. On Tuesday, after receiving honors at the 2019 City Harvest Festival Gala,

the actor reflected on his youth and thanked his father for being a kind man, a trait he had inherited.

Richard claimed that Homer never wanted anyone to suffer, not even strangers. The senior Gere, according to him, was ardent and routinely showed up to help those in need.

In May, the actor celebrated Homer’s 100th birthday with a private dinner at a pasta restaurant in their hometown.

The ‘Pretty Woman’ actress claimed that anytime Homer couldn’t provide financial assistance, he looked for other forms of support,

like a hug or a smile. However, he felt compelled to assist in any way he could in the back of his mind.

The on-screen superstar continued by revealing that his father founded a Meals-On-Wheels program in his neighborhood and devoted the rest of his life to it.

Homer favored cheeseball cars because they had trunks that were the right height for him to load dinners into and carry to his neighbors without stooping, according to him.

Meals-On-Wheels America is a non-profit organization that uses a variety of projects to help thousands of communities all throughout the nation. In Philadelphia, it was first formed in the 1950s.

In the United States, there is a lot of volunteerism, which enables seniors to live independently and with pride by providing them with wholesome food, friendly visits, and safety checks.

During a heart-to-heart conversation, Richard asked his elderly father what inspired him to serve for Meals-On-Wheels. As Homer put it:

‘We started out with Meals-On-Wheels in an abandoned house.’ As people aged, we filled a void for them.

I think you can’t help but feel good about your life when you see someone else benefiting from it in some way.

Richard replied by saying that his father’s influence was the reason he eventually decided to support the efforts.

Homer set a great example for his son, who wanted to follow in his footsteps and be a great father. Children did not, however, start arriving early for the actor until he was in his fifties.

Model Cindy Crawford and Richard’s first marriage ended in divorce. He fell in love with Carey Lowell, a former Bond actress who was twelve years his junior, during his second relationship.

Richard held the view that being late was preferable to being early. Before their marriage, the accomplished TV actress who had started dating Lowell in 1996 kept most details of their romance private.

The ‘Unfaithful’ actor gushed about their relationship and declared that they were prepared to advance it. Richard said that Lowell didn’t care that he had a daughter from a previous marriage.

‘She’s changed my life,’ I said. Marriage also has importance. if you put your whole heart into it. ’It is a turning point for us both.’

Before choosing to have a small wedding, the couple already had a son, Homer Gere II. At the age of 50, Richard became a parent and gave his first child his father’s name.

The actor was thrilled to start his journey toward motherhood; it had been a long time coming, so when it finally happened, he became fully committed to the endeavor.

He called his son ‘my greatest thrill,’ recognizing the mini-me in his child. He likes music,

can run fast, and is quite smart. Very funny. He soon learned that irony is a wonderful quality in any person.

Richard’s great marriage to Lowell came to an end after more than ten years, yet he never got tired of being a father.

The former Bond girl requested a divorce in 2012, citing the main reason as being their divergent lifestyles.According to a few tales, Richard loved peace and quiet, but his second wife loved to party.

‘They have a property in Bedford [NY] that he appreciates since it is serene and he enjoys being alone,’ the insider said. She likes the attention she receives in North Haven.

The couple settled their disagreement over the terms of the divorce while still agreeing to share custody of their child. After four years of court appearances, they at last came to an agreement.

However, neither party’s attorneys were willing to comment on the deal. Richard maintained his family values even after his marriage broke down.

In 2015, he asserted that his child was his top priority and that he would decline a request if the child objected. He believes that nothing is more essential than family.

Richard had already discovered love again, this time with a Spanish feminist named Alejandra Silva.

The couple expanded their family as time went on. Alexander was the actor’s second child, who was born in 2019. The following year, a new boy was welcomed into the lovely family.

Richard remains devoted to his father, Homer, despite the various periods of his life, such as marriage and fatherhood, as well as his love for his family.

He viewed him as an ‘idol’ over the years and frequently drove about and paid people visits while assisting the patriarch’s Meals-On-Demand services. The great actor said in 2010:

‘He’s always been my hero,’

Homer still has a strong desire to help people despite his advanced age. In addition, he never let loneliness to stand in the way of his compassion; Doris passed away in North Syracuse at the age of 91, leaving her husband a widower.

Many people wish they could have a son like Richard. He has maintained a tight relationship with his father, helping and encouraging him in whatever manner he can while still honoring him.

In May 2022, when Homer turned 100, the actor enjoyed a special birthday dinner at a local pasta restaurant.

The couple celebrated the special occasion with other well-wishers who were thrilled to be there. The volunteer for Meals-On-Demand was also joined by other guests.

The actor’s understanding for the love and sacrifices made by the elderly is evident in Richard’s relationship with his father.

Since he believes that the family is important, he is confident to maintain the same relationship with his children as the 100-year-old.

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