During the father-daughter dance, a new bride and her dad shared a special moment that they and the guests will remember for a long time.

The bride can be seen dancing with her father to The Temptations’ ‘My Girl’ while looking stunning in her wedding attire in the trending video.

Everything is going according to plan when all of a sudden, something unexpected and spectacular happens.

Instead of one of The Temptations’ most soulful songs playing, the music abruptly switches to Usher’s ‘Yeah.’

The groom’s hands are raised in astonishment as the bride joins in right away and starts dancing.

As the young woman dances, pretending to have just made fun of her adored father, many in the audience applaud and others even laugh.

However, your beloved old dad will be OK.

A short while later, the groom’s father participates with his daughter in a choreographed dance to the hit Usher song.

The wedding guests get even more boisterous as they struggle to believe what they are seeing. As they perform on the dance floor, they applaud the father and daughter.

Surprisingly, despite the abrupt turn in the video, both characters remain in rhythm with one another until the finish.

The humorous incident is caught on camera. Additionally, it serves to serve as a helpful reminder that life is unpredictable and that we do not always have everything figured out.

You can be slow-dancing to Motown one moment and breaking a move to the newest R&B song the next.

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