91-year-old Barabra Eden explores life and how she is still following her dreams.

When Barbara Eden was at the height of her success and appeared in a TV show, there were only three channels.

Those were the 1960s.

Eden is still going strong and providing smiles to her fans at the age of 91, more than 50 years later.

Eden is most known for playing a 2,000-year-old genie who grants wishes in the 1965–1970 television sitcom ‘I Dream of Jeannie.’

The program was NBC’s attempt to compete with ABC’s ‘Bewitched.’Due to Jeannie’s provocative attire, the show seemed to be cutting edge for its day.

Her bellybutton had to be hidden due to censors. I was somewhat shy. I was raised to be polite,’ she remarked.

Being shy in front of so many people in a bikini was challenging. acting sort of snuck up on me.
Today, the show is divisive for a variety of reasons.

Due to the fact that the show centers around a lady who yearns for a guy she refers to as ‘Master’

but who is kept in a bottle and only let out when he requests it, some people see it to have sexist undertones.Eden claims that she did not, though.

‘Jeannie’ was never offensive to me as a woman. Never,’ she emphasized. She had genie powers!

She was content with her employment as it provided her livelihood. She was a fierce creature that is very autonomous.

Eden appeared in two television reunions for the program. Her appearances on ‘The Johnny Carson Show’ marked the beginning of her television career.

A Howling in the Woods, The Stranger Within, and The Secret Life of Kathy McCormick were some of the films she appeared in.

Eden has stage presence in addition to screen. From 2000 through 2004, she participated in a touring performance of ‘The Odd Couple: The Female Version.’

Eden is a writer as well.

In 2011, she published her biography ‘Jeannie Out of the Bottle,’ and in 2021, she collaborated with Dustin J. Warburton on the picture book ‘Barbara and the Djinn.’

In this world, especially now, ‘we need more empathy, love, and understanding,’ declared Eden.

It is my goal that the children who read this short book will be able to develop these qualities.Eden spends a lot of time interacting with fans.

In her 91st birthday she traveled to Memphis, Tennessee, for Elvis Week, an event honoring the life of Elvis Presley, the week before her birthday.

Eden portrayed Presley’s love interest in the 1960 western drama ‘Flaming Star,’ which was shot in California and Utah.

‘It was fantastic. Elvis was always polite. The role he played was difficult. He understood it. He seemed so genuine,’ she remarked.

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