How a 50-year-old woman look like today who didn’t smile for 40 years to avoid wrinkles?

Modern women have access to many ways to maintain youth and beauty. However, Tess Christian, who lives in Great Britain, uses her unusual technique, which gives good results.

Tess chose not to smile, and for the past forty-five years she had maintained a calm, almost stony expression.

It all started from childhood: Christian studied at a religious school, where the mentors forbade any display of emotions.

And when Tessie grew up, she realized that the smile just didn’t suit her, it made her face look funny and added hamster-like cheeks.

Tess claims that even the birth of a child and marriage did not make her smile. Christian does not laugh at meetings with friends, at parties and even when watching comedies.

Her friends are used to it, and her estranged husband never complained about boredom, because Tessy is an interesting person with a good sense of humor.

She just learned to either laugh, as if to herself or to smirk slightly, raising the corners of her mouth.

By the way, Christian is still popular among representatives of the opposite sex, and men are also not confused by the complete absence of a smile on her face.

Tess herself is sure that her technique works no worse than botox injections and is much more effective than the most expensive cosmetics.

And some cosmetologists approve of this method, because it really has the same effect as ‘beauty shots’.

The muscles are relaxed, the facial expressions are minimal, and there are no wrinkles around the mouth.

Interesting fact! Some celebrities prefer to control their facial movements and smile as little as possible, such as Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian and Kristen Stewart.

But psychologists are skeptical and even wary of Tess’s method. The point is that a smile, so to speak, deceives the brain.

The characteristic movement of the mouth sends a signal and starts the production of endorphin, which is considered the hormone of happiness.

And if a person does not smile at all, then it shows dissatisfaction or apathy there is no joy and pleasant emotions.

Now 55-year-old Tessy really looks much younger than her peers.She is popular at home and in other countries, but she has a lot of haters who think the method of not smiling is strange and wrong.

Many are sure that it is better to smile, enjoy every moment and not be afraid of wrinkles, because they can be indicators of a bright, happy and interesting life.

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