These two non-standard looking children were adopted by a woman. What happened to them and how they look like now will warm your heart

There was a special place in the woman’s heart for children, but she had none of her own.

The American school where Kristen Williams teaches would have the most unremarkable teacher in the country.

Kristen has always had a soft spot for children, but she was never given the opportunity to start a family of her own.

Kristen chose adoption after much deliberation. She felt she had extra maternal affection to share with a child in need.

Kristen’s first adoptive daughter was an Indian girl named Munni.They ultimately opted against adopting the girl because of the huge scar on her forehead.

When possible, Munni avoided interacting with other people since he was too embarrassed to do so. But Kristen did find her way into the heart of the beautiful young woman.

They waited a while, and eventually welcomed a baby girl into the world, whom they called Durga.

The story of Durga has a tragic ending. The newborn was found in some garbage. There’s a good chance she’d been there for a long time. The condition of the girl’s face was terrible.

Durga probably came near to losing her nose due to insects and stray animals, which the newborn baby was completely defenseless against.

The story of Kristen and her two adoptive daughters first made its way into the internet and then to television.

Kristen chose to donate her skills as a cosmetic surgeon at a local hospital after learning about the challenges encountered by young women.

Previously prominent lines on Munni’s forehead are now barely there thanks to reconstructive surgery.

Durga carefully considered her options and ultimately decided to wait until she was older to get surgery.

While that was going on, the young woman was fitted with a cosmetic prosthesis, making her look just like her peers.

Perhaps most obviously different are the girls’ evident happiness and the twinkle in their eyes.
Because, after all, a child’s smile is worth every second of your time, right?

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