After creating a music video to share with his family in India what he does for work, a singing bus driver becomes famous (WATCH)

A singing bus driver who recorded a positive music video about his job that received thousands of views on YouTube has become an unanticipated internet hit.

Making the film with the aid of his National Express coworkers allowed Ranjit Singh to demonstrate his line of work to his Indian family.

His song honors multicultural Britain and what it’s like to drive buses through the Black Country’s industrial heartland while serving a multifaith population.

Despite having what some may view as a dull subject matter, the touching film about Ranjit’s pleasure in his profession has won him thousands of adoring fans.

Over 66,000 people have watched the four-minute movie that was once intended only for family since it was put to YouTube.

The upbeat song was recorded at West Bromwich Bus Station and in front of one of the company’s garages.

The 59-year-old from West Bromwich in the West Midlands of England explained that he wanted to combine his passion for singing and driving.

’I reasoned that there was no better way to explain what I do for a living to my folks back home than with a movie.’

I have 13 years of experience with National Express West Midlands, and I take great satisfaction in my work.

There is a strong sense of teamwork present, so I wanted to create something that honored the diversity of the communities represented at our West Bromwich depot and the way we all operate as a unit.

Sprightly Ranjit sings, ‘Friends drive buses together,’ in a recording that is in Punjabi with English subtitles.

We operate the buses with sincere working hands. Brothers from various nations drive buses together; we all have different religious beliefs.

‘All the various races and civilizations ride buses as friends. working like brothers in the offices. In the canteen, we sit side by side as brothers.

‘We wear down the buses doing overtime shifts. Friends from several nations drive the buses together.’

We offer each other moral support if any drivers need it. Priorities should be placed on one’s health and safety before taking the wheel.

‘Before assuming control of the wheel, we inspect the condition of the bus.‘Sisters from many cultures and places around the world also operate the buses.

In the UK, sisters also worked as bus drivers. ‘We collaborate while singing with our brother Ranjit, being joyful and in good spirits.’

On YouTube, one supporter said, ‘Fabulous!’ We appreciate everyone’s efforts to keep us all going, especially Ranjit.

Another said, ‘This is why we should be proud of Britain’s multiethnic society. a blending of all races and religious beliefs. Ranjit, keep up the fantastic work.

‘Our workers really are our best assets,” National Express West Midlands managing director David Bradford said.

‘They all put in a tremendous amount of effort to keep our clients moving, and it’s wonderful to see how passionate they are about their jobs at the company.’

SEE the song video down below…

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