This 9 year old girl is an inspirational cancer survivor who helps people in a unique way. The amazing video below

Little Rose was just two when she was told she had cancer. She went bald as a result of the years of chemotherapy she endured.

She can’t recall why, but she remembers telling her mother she wanted long hair. Even as a child, Rose sympathized with others who were suffering through cancer treatment.

It’s been five years since Rose’s cancer went into remission, and she’s finally able to fulfill her lifelong ambition of being a source of support for others.

She was really excited to make a salon appointment after she had grown her hair to below her waist.

Rose’s mother and sisters watched tearfully as she shaved off more than 14 inches of her hair.

When asked why this was so important to her, Rose responded, ‘I have more than enough hair so I can offer it to somebody who doesn’t have hair.’

This was a triumphant moment in Rose’s life. Angie, Rose’s mother, clutched a lock of her daughter’s hair and said,

’Her hair, as it grew back, has been a reminder of God’s love to us during this whole road and that we’ve come this far.’

Can you picture yourself thanking God daily for his promises to soothe, guide, and be present in our struggles as you watch your children’s hair come back?

It makes me think of how much God cares for his children, and how the Bible tells us that he even counts the hairs on our heads.

Humans typically have around 110,000 hairs. Even though there are over seven billion people on Earth, God is intimately familiar with each one of us,

down to the amount of hairs on our individual scalps. How fantastic it is to consider how much he loves and cares for us.

In order to donate to a group that produces wigs for cancer sufferers, they gathered eight entire locks.

Rose not only sent her hair, but also a handwritten letter. She revealed, ’I am nine right now, almost ten,’in her diary. I hoped the wig I gave you would make you feel more confident.

It’s wonderful that children may serve as a gentle reminder of values like kindness, generosity, and compassion.

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