A young child desperately looks for her family at the dancing recital, when she does, her joy has no bounds.

Emmy Krow, who was three years old at the time, captivated the hearts of thousands of spectators with her happy reaction when she spotted members of her family in the crowd while watching a dance performance.

For Emmy Krow, the day held a lot of significance. The young child was preparing to take part in her very first dancing recital at Unity Dance Spectrum in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Emmy could be seen surveying the audience while looking off into space as the teachers led the young dancers onto the platform while they were decked out in holiday gear.

The three-year-old child is searching the room for the familiar faces of her family members in an effort to find solace and assurance from them.

Before she even manages to locate her loved ones among the swarm of people, worry and dread are etched all over her face.

Then, nevertheless, a miracle occurrence takes place: she first encounters her family. As soon as she understands it, a smile of uncontrolled joy appears on her face.

When she finds out that she has her very own cheering squad supporting her, she almost seems to be wiping away tears of joy.

Chelsea Krow, Emmy’s overjoyed mother, couldn’t resist the impulse to share the beautiful moment on social media.

And as soon as she did, the touching video spread quickly throughout the internet.

The genuine joy this small girl displayed throughout the dancing performance touched people’s hearts all across the country.

The renowned broadcast journalist Maria Shriver actually shared the video on her own Instagram page and wrote, ‘This is exactly how I feel when I see my grandchildren — pure and unadulterated happiness!’

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