They are no longer Siamese twins because their separation happened 13 years ago. What they’re doing right now and how they look like will surprise you.

Minnesota gave birth to Isabelle and Abby Carlsen in 2006. Because their chests and abdomens were physically connected, they were conjoined twins.

The girls’ parents knew they wouldn’t be having traditional twins before the girls were even born.

The kids’ situation was so uncommon that medical staff searched for a secure way to separate them. Both locals and tourists were captivated to the infants right away.

It was challenging for the parents, Amy and Jesse, who were repeatedly interrogated. Because Isabella’s

heart was in Abby’s chest and many of the girls’ internal organs were connected or intertwined, it was very challenging to separate the twins.

As a result, the parents struggled to decide whether to go ahead with the operation.

The Carlsens sought advice from doctors for nearly six months before deciding on a surgical strategy.

The Mayo Clinic performed the surgery. 17 surgeons worked together to treat patients for 12 hours.

The females were successfully divided, but it required another six months before they could be showed up.

Later, one of the physicians acknowledged that splitting the liver in two was the most challenging step. The fact that both girls came out of the treatment unharmed is a miracle.

The twins gave a television station an interview when they were 10 years old and spoke up about some aspects of their lives.

At the time, they were both gymnasts who were in the fourth grade in North Dakota. As they grew older,

the sisters developed extremely disparate passions and interests, yet they remained the closest of friends.

Abby is perplexed as to how somebody might mistake them despite the fact that they are twins.

Abby and Isabelle are growing emotionally and intellectually because they are now housed with a caring family.

The girls have a hard time accepting that pictures of them as babies depict them as conjoined twins.

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