When the mother sings a beautiful lullaby, the happy baby is brought to tears.

In this adorable video, a small baby named Leland shows a deep emotional reaction to his mother singing to him.

He begins with a cheeky grin before being moved to tears as his mother performs a worship song to her child.

Music is a universal language that we all understand. Even animals and babies can experience the emotions that music might evoke.

In the video below, a small baby called ‘Alder’ can be seen listening to a Karen Carpenter song called ’I Know I Need To Be In Love’.

Throughout the song, sung by a woman named Annie, he begins to try to join in, despite the fact that he has yet to pronounce his first words.

Within a few weeks of its release, the heartbreaking film drew the attention of millions of people on YouTube.

The ability of music to inspire and impact the emotions of living beings is well known, and there are some amazing clips that demonstrate this, such as this one of Alder.

Another video, this time of an opera-singing mother performing to her young son, shows George loving heavy metal but becoming extremely emotional when his mother begins singing opera!

It’s a fantastic video that shows the purest emotions that can be evoked by the sound of music.

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