Two decades after they promised to marry in kindergarten, a lovely couple has finally tied the knot.

Who would have imagined that a preschool mistake would lead to a wedding that resembled something from a fairytale?

Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel, who live in Phoenix, Arizona, have been in love since they were in preschool, when they were still young children and brimming with love and imagination.

Matt and Laura reportedly met more than 20 years ago while they were still students, according to their Instagram account.

When Matt went in front of his class and told everyone that he would one day marry Laura, he said that was the first time he recalled her.

They became more and more fond of one another as they spent more time together, which added to their ongoing closeness.

In actuality, Laura was the one who taught Matt even the most basic skills, like how to swing, how to depict rolling hills, and even how to properly eat string cheese.

Additionally, Matt recalled playing hide-and-seek with her pal and staying up later than everyone else was supposed to.

But once they started going, it was only a matter of time before they graduated from preschool and started going to other elementary schools. But love undoubtedly shows itself in a variety of surprising ways.

By pure chance, Laura came upon Matt’s phone number while looking through a friend’s contact book.

They were reintroduced to one another by someone who knew them both from freshman year, but she declined.

I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to go on a date with him. But after he got in touch with me, it felt as though we had been friends for ages,’ Laura remarked.

But after he got in touch with me, it felt as though we had been friends for ages,’ Laura remarked.

The two decided to move further with their romance and declare themselves to be boyfriend and girlfriend after only two weeks of dating.

They had to maintain a long-distance relationship because they attended schools in different states,

which was additional difficulty for a couple whose affections for one another were just starting to materialize.

But Laura and Matt made it through their own college years because to their unwavering resolve, unwavering endurance,

and unending love for one another. The influential couple’s planned romance eventually took a turn in May 2015, that month.

Finally, he got down on one knee and made a proposal. He performed it with greater gravity, conviction, and an abundance of love.

He said, ‘I’ve had a thing for Laura since I was a little boy, and I still feel the same way about her today.’

Laura ultimately made the choice to accept, and the delighted couple exchanged vows in 2016 during a ceremony that served as a metaphor for their happily ever after.

The couple celebrated their daughter Lily’s first birthday twenty years after the sweet love tale that began in preschool with teenage lust.

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