When a security guard stops the University of Tennessee football cheerleaders, the crowd goes completely crazy. Watch what he did

The University of Tennessee football cheerleaders were in the middle of their dance when a security guard interrupted them. And you won’t believe what occurs next,.

He backs up against one of the University of Tennessee football cheerleaders as she performs her dance routine, and the guy in the blue shirt and khaki pants appears utterly unconcerned.

She runs up to one of the instructors and asks for help because the security guard is interfering with their routine.

The sideline coach, who was at the time sporting his headset, spoke out for the girl throughout the situation.

The coach appears to have some downtime while things are quiet on the field so that he may take care of other things.

As the coach approaches the unaware security guard who was close, an argument starts. The security officer has

turned toward the field and is about to reach the playing area when the dancers push him back toward the sideline, but he gets up and starts dancing!

Even though he isn’t sporting a leotard or elastic pants, this man possesses impressive dance abilities. In addition, he holds no position whatsoever as a security guard.

He goes by the name of Michael Galyean and wants to be both a dancer and an actor.

The Women’s Cheer and Dance Coach Kelley Tafazzoli got in touch with Michael about participating in the parody that would occur during the game on October 29.

Michael received a video of the dance only one week prior to the performance. And before the game, he just had one hour to train with the team!

Michael possesses the timing, disposition, and dancing skills that are required for the performance.

He is without a doubt a fan favorite among the University of Tennessee football team’s cheerleaders.

In reality, he could be able to join the squad if his goals for the performing arts aren’t realized.

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