The first sevens of the world have grown up. How they look like now

The McCoy family became famous all over the world in a second.In 1997, Kenny gave birth to seven children.

The news of the birth of three girls and four boys quickly spread around the world.This was the first successful birth of septuagenarians.

Anyone who has raised twins or triplets can understand how difficult the situation was for the McCoys as they immediately set about raising seven children.

But Kenny and Bobby did not give up, the children grew up in an atmosphere of love and affection.

They have already matured and decided their future destiny.

The future parents were very surprised when they learned from the doctors that they would have seven children at once.They had the opportunity to get rid of several embryos, but they did not want to do it.

After birth, the children were small, the oldest child weighed 1.5 kg.Thanks to the doctors, all the children managed to survive.

Two of the children had to undergo surgery to correct the effects of cerebral palsy and are now able to walk. Now they feel good and they can live a full life.

Several charitable organizations took an active part in the fate of the large family. They had a big and comfortable house,

the children got free school meals and good rest on holidays.However, this did not free the father from the need to work, and he encouraged the children to work from an early age.

The family already had an older daughter who always helped her mother take care of her younger siblings.

The family is very friendly, there is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.The brothers and sisters are not only blood relatives, but have become true friends.

This relationship continues even after the septuagenarians have grown up and left their parental home.

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