This kid is 15 years old, but he has already earned 17 million dollars. Here’s how

In 2002, this little genius was born in the English city of Norfolk, Kieron Williamson, whom everyone calls ‘little Monet’.This child’s talent is not so childish, that’s why it has captured the whole world.

The boy paints in the impressionist genre. Today Kiron has several dozen sold photos. He has many successful paintings.

Little Kyron didn’t even realize he had such a hidden talent until he went to Cornwall with his parents and fell in love with the shipping town. From that moment, the young artist began to paint his masterpieces.

The boy spent more than 17 million for his first exhibition dollars by selling 16 paintings. And this is not the end, because the young artist still has a long way to go. And did you like his pictures?

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