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Animals are more than just our friends; they have even been known to save the lives of their owners on several occasions.Animals have repeatedly shown us how devotedly they care for their owners.

Examples include dogs and cats that can sense when their owners are in danger of getting sick and pets that are aware of what to do in the event that their owners pass away.

This has shown us several times how much pets love and care for their owners.A pensioner suffered a stroke on August 21, 2020, when he was on his houseboat.

This incident and the one that occurred on August 21, 2020, were very similar. Thankfully, his chihuahua, Bubu, who was well informed about the scenario, joined him.

The shrewd dog, albeit unable to speak, made a dash for the mainland to alert a staff member there despite its inability to do so vocally.

Bubu employed a cunning little trick to let the staff members know that her owner needed assistance.

Bubu’s fast thinking saved her owner’s life by ensuring that she arrived at the hospital in time, which eventually made all the difference.

There was a touching reunion between the two, which was captured in some photographs that will have you in tears. Ensure that you have some Kleenex on hand.

Rudy Armstrong and his dog Bubu were on their houseboat in the month of August of the year 2020 when Rudy Armstrong developed a foot issue.

Before passing out unexpectedly, the former Navy man had hardly had time to sit down.

He saw that one of his arms had lost feeling when he first awoke, and he knew right away that something was amiss.

The man turned to Rudy’s small dog, who was already by his side, and begged for assistance.

I require aid. Find Kim. Rudy informed Bubu of the information. The chihuahua mix was also aware of what needed to be done.

The dog appeared to comprehend Rudy’s words with no issue. She sprang from the boat in an instant and hurried onshore, where she was met by Kim, the dockmaster of the marina.

Brandy Popp, the public relations manager at CarolinaEast Health System, described how the dog approached the woman directly rather than giving her the usual greeting of barking, leaping, and licking.

Soon after she got her first nagging feelings that something wasn’t right, Kim gave Bubu permission to lead her back to Rudy’s yacht.

Kim dialed 911 as soon as they got there, and as she stayed with Bubu, the paramedics brought Rudy to the hospital.

Rudy was brought to the hospital, and Kim stayed with Bubu. Due to Bubu, Rudy was improving in his recuperation,

but after three weeks in the hospital’s rehabilitation unit, both of them were suffering from severe homesickness for the other.

’I went to Rudy’s room to hear the details of Bubu saving his life, and I had the privilege of sitting with him for nearly an hour,

hearing story after story of his life, his time in the Navy, and his special bond with Bubu,” Brandy recalled.I visited Rudy’s room to learn more about how Bubu helped to save his life.

I figured it would be a good idea to attempt to set up a meeting between him and Bubu since he doesn’t have any close friends or family members nearby.

Rudy was overcome with delight on the day of the reunion because he was so eager to see the puppy that had saved his life.

Rudy was ‘like a child on Christmas morning” and was almost leaping in his wheelchair before Brandy arrived, according to Brandy.’

Since they were sending Bubu to such an unfamiliar environment, she seemed perplexed when she first arrived.

But as soon as Rudy took off his mask, she instantly felt at ease when she realized who her loyal owner was!

‘When Rudy removed his mask, got up on Bubu’s lap, and started relentlessly licking Rudy’s face, Bubu instantly recognized him!’added Popp.

Due of the obvious happiness that Rudy and Bubu appeared to be currently feeling, everyone there was on the verge of tears.

There will certainly be more opportunities for the two of them to embrace and kiss one another in the future now that Rudy is recuperating back on his yacht with Bubu.

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