This dog’s emotional reaction after seeing his military dad again will make you smile. Video

Many people don’t realize how intelligent animals are. Some of them appear to be able to comprehend and understand particular settings and situations.

Every day, social media users share videos showcasing the intelligence and emotional intelligence of animals.

One video depicts a dog’s heartwarming reunion with its owner after a long absence.A enormous black dog sprints up a driveway to an unlocked garage at the start of the film.

A few individuals are standing inside the garage, and a man in military attire is sitting on the ground in the middle of the space.

The animal is a ball of uncontrolled, unadulterated energy and is plainly delighted.

The animal is reconnecting with its owner, a military service member, as the video’s title makes clear, after being separated for a while.

The dog simply can’t control himself! The animal approaches the man who is lying on the ground and starts barking enthusiastically.

It’s me, the man says to the beast. ‘It’s me!’ The two buddies embrace passionately as the dog literally leaps into the man’s arms.

The animal bounces and hops around the room, unable to contain its happiness at seeing its owner again.

Essentially jumping from person to person in the room, the dog appears to be asking, ‘Is this real? Are you sure this is happening?

The animal briefly rushes off the screen at one point at the end of the clip.

Be at ease, though! When the big dog comes back, it runs into its owner’s arms and pushes him backward and to the ground.

What a cute video that captures the unique bond between people and their dogs so well. In actuality, dogs are man’s best buddy!

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